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Technological advancements have ironically led to technically advanced crimes forcing organisations to lookout for sophisticated systems to counter them. The new and evolving computer architectures and enhanced chip set capabilities has revolutionised and changed the face of surveillance and analytics and compels one to stay abreast with the latest to draw the maximum mileage out of it. The video surveillance system is a complex combination of hardware, storage systems, software, and transmission technologies and consequently merits meticulous designing and co-ordination for greater efficacy.

Tricolour’s robust surveillance and video analytics solutions is aimed at arresting the breach and compromise of security by sending quick alerts to the security personnel for faster prioritized action. Tricolour’s products accentuate environmental perceptions and emerge as an indispensable, integral and reliable tool for residences, critical infrastructures and organisations.

Intense surveillance operations translate to increased number of video channels which makes it humanly impossible to analyse and requires Video Analytics to simplify and optimize the process. Tricolour’s time-tested algorithms speedily filter and analyse real time events translating them into actionable intelligence and assists in decision making and fosters proactive mitigation and management of threat. The analytics can be fine-tuned to meet specific industrial requirements and corporate policies.

Our products are designed to efficiently automate a highly resource intensive process to a great degree of accuracy, thus cutting cost to the Client. The highlight of our products is their resilience to faults at any given point in time. Our surveillance cameras can be remotely accessed through PC’s, tablets or smart phones for real-time security monitoring. Organized solutions to address all security concerns are formulated based on evaluation of risks. We offer a suite of surveillance and analytics products like

  • CCTV Cameras
  • HD- CVI Cameras
  • Digital and Network Video Recorders
  • IP Cameras

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