PLC SCADA services

Collecting Data from Existing Scada. /HMI/PLCs from different Control Systems

From Serial Devices providing data in any standard/ Custom Protocol.

Forwarding of Alarms and Critical information over SMS.

From Operators using touch screens.

Manual Data-Entry for non-Automated Systems.

Data related to product :

  • Product wise defects
  • Severity of the defect and its contribution - major/minor
  • Location of the defect with reference to the layout
  • Magnitude and frequency of its occurrence at each stage of measurement
  • Occurrence trend in beginning and the end of each production/process/changes. Occurrence trend with respect to restoration of breakdown/modifications/periodical replacement of quality components

Software division is responsible for MES integration with control System. We provides MES Solutions to Process industries such as Railway, Heavy Electricals & for Power Sectors etc.We also develop the customized SCADA for all industries where we do Production reporting , maintenance Scheduling & many more.We have recently made a bench mark in NPS –SCADA for DMRC & BMRC moreover we have developed MES for CNC machines which can be utilized to fetch data from the Various different CNC/PLC machines to prepare reporting as per user.

In absence of existing control systems, we design custom control systems for automatic collection of OEE Data which provides following Information-


Total Pieces, Current Rate, Average Rate, Cycle Time, Last Cycle Time, Average Cycle Time, Run Time, Event Run Time, Down Time, Event Down Time


Good/Reject Pieces, Good/Reject Percent, Good/Reject Current and Average Rate

Performance & OEE

Standard Cycles and Time, Reduced Speed Cycles and Time, Small Stop Cycles and Time

Break Schedule

Standby Time and Event Standby Time Breaks Countdown

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