MSG from MD

Tricolour Automation Pvt. Ltd. is a Technology savvy organization, thrives on providing innovative AUTOMATION SOLUTION to the industry. Our tie-up is with world renowned Technology providers from whom we get continual support in keeping Hardware and Software up to date, besides obtaining the contemporary application solutions being applied in the industry, worldwide. We, at Tricolour, provide value added solutions to the customers, which are our experience based and are several notches above what the competition offers.

In addition, our customers have advantage in associating with Tricolour Automation Pvt. Ltd. because they obtain SINGLE WINDOW solution for their all Automation needs i,e., under one roof, they are served for CNC,PLC, AC, DC Drive, solution with INTEGRATED ENGINEERING , Manufacturing, E&C services, AMC & Spare parts support.

Hardware and Software is sourced from global OEM whereas Design Engineering is done according to International/Indian standard using automated Engineering tool e.g., E-Plan and CAD etc.

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